For decades, millions of women have opted for breast implants to boost their breast volume and add curves to their figures. Together, they have made breast augmentation one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. Thanks to its popularity, you probably know the basics about breast augmentation and breast implants, but do you know the less common details?

1. Breast Implants Won’t Impact Your Lifestyle

You may have to make some minor adjustments, such as having more X-rays taken during a mammogram, but breasts implants won’t trigger a change in how you lead your life or your future plans. You can still breastfeed after getting breast implants because breast augmentation shouldn’t affect your milk ducts. If you want to breastfeed, be sure to tell Dr. Meade so he can recommend the best incision placement for you.

You can still run marathons and participate in contact sports after getting breast implants. And you can still enjoy saunas and hot tubs because, contrary to the urban myth, your breast implants certainly won’t melt. The silicone shell of both silicone and saline breast implants has a melting point of 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. You Can Expect Long-Term Results from Your Breast Augmentation

You may enjoy great results for decades after your breast augmentation without having your breast implants replaced. Plastic surgeons tend to believe replacement is only necessary in the unlikely event of a rupture or leaking breast implant. Otherwise, why remove or replace breast implants that are in good condition?

3. The Right Breast Implant for You Exists

Breast implants come in hundreds of combinations today. You can opt for teardrop-shaped, low-profile silicone breast implants that come pre-filled or round, high-profile saline breast implants that are filled after placement.

Or maybe you want different-sized breast implants to balance your breasts and treat asymmetry. Breast implants aren’t designed to be one-size-fits-all. A breast implant with the best combination of dimensions in the right material for you is out there.

4. Forget about Cup Size When Picking Breast Implants

While it’s a great idea to bring photos of your dream look breast augmentation to your consultation, you should also come with an open mind. Put aside your idea of an exact cup size and listen to Dr. Meade’s educated and experienced opinion about what implant size may meet your goals and complement your overall shape. Remember that the same implant volume won’t look the same on each woman because of differences in height, weight, the width of your chest and your natural breast shape. Also, cup sizes can vary based on band size. A 40D bra tends to have a bigger cup than a 32D.

5. Your Breast Augmentation Can Be Customized

Just like finding the right breast implant, Dr. Meade will personalize your breast augmentation to help you achieve the best results. He may talk with you about which type of incision — periareolar around your areolas, inframammary in the crease of your breast or transaxillary through your armpit — could be right for you. Dr. Meade will also provide a recommendation about placement, either under your natural breast tissue or under your chest muscles, and talk about the benefits of both placements.

6. A Plastic Surgeon Keeps Aesthetics in Mind

Any surgeon can perform breast augmentation but a board-certified plastic surgeon has years of special training in both surgical techniques and aesthetics, and voluntarily completed comprehensive testing for board certification. The result is a plastic surgeon who understands every aspect of crafting a breast augmentation that delivers beautiful results.