Summary: Achieving your ideal figure can be tricky with exercise and dieting alone. Our genetics play a large role in determining where our bodies store fat, while the effects of previous episodes of weight gain may prove more difficult to reverse than you’d anticipated. When it comes to fine-tuning your body shape, targeted exercise only goes so far. That’s why so many men and women turn to liposuction to assist them in reaching these six surprisingly common appearance concerns.

Woman at beach


1. Love Handles

Endearingly known as love handles, these pesky bulges around the hips can feel anything but lovely to individuals hoping for a more streamlined figure. While both men and women can develop love handles, women’s bodies are much more inclined to storing fat around the hips and thighs than their male counterparts.

If your love handles are making your low-rise jeans a difficult fit, you might be interested in using liposuction to eliminate fatty deposits and smooth out those hips.

2. Muffin Top

A muffin top is comprised of the abdominal or lower back fat that spills over your waistline. Men more frequently refer to their excess abdominal fat as a ‘spare tire.’ Excess fat around your waist is the last thing you want when you’re hoping for a fit look to show off at the beach or pool, but crunches don’t always do much to shed this fatty layer.

Instead, liposuction can slim down your muffin top by slimming down the subcutaneous layer of fat directly underneath the skin, helping you feel more confident both in and out of your clothes.

3. Thighs

You don’t need a thigh gap to look and feel beautiful, but if you store a disproportionate amount of fat in and around your thighs, you might feel clunky and bottom-heavy. Thick thighs can also contribute to skin irritation if your inner thighs chafe when you walk or run. By using liposuction to streamline your thighs and flanks, you can create a more appealing overall figure as well as reduce chafing.

4. Bra Bulge

Fat around your mid to upper back can bulge out of tight-fitting clothing like bras or bikini tops, which can be unsightly and uncomfortable. What’s more is that upper back fat can be nearly impossible to control. Liposuction can be applied to the upper and middle back to create a sleeker body shape and stave off bra bulge.

5. Cankles

Cankles are characterized by fatty tissue stored in the lower legs, and can affect both men and women. For the most part, cankles are simply caused by the way your body stores fat, and are not necessarily related to obesity or weight gain. Wide ankles can look less attractive than thin ones while wearing skirts and shorts, as well as create difficulty fitting into boots. If you’re hoping for slimmer, sexier calves, liposuction can contour your lower legs into a trimmer shape that you’ll feel proud to show off.

6. Double Chin

The double chin plagues many men and women who have struggled with weight gain, but the bulge of fat under the chin can also develop in individuals who have a perfectly healthy figure. When it persists despite dieting and exercise efforts, the double chin can make you appear heavier than you are. By treating this pocket of stubborn fat with body contouring procedures like liposuction, you can improve your overall appearance with a shapelier neck and jawline.