Summary: Motherhood can be filled with stress and worry over everything from feeding your newborn to changes in your figure. As your body rebounds after a pregnancy, things may not go back to the way they were. You may notice that your breasts look deflated, the skin on your stomach feels loose and some of those pockets of baby fat just won’t go away. But don’t let the blues take hold. A new you is just a mommy makeover away.

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1. Remove Excess Abdominal Skin

After stretching to accommodate a baby, your abdominal skin may not have enough elasticity to bounce back to its original shape. Post-pregnancy skin can sag and detract from even the most well-toned abdomen, and diet or exercise can’t eliminate the extra skin. Including a tummy tuck in your mommy makeover is an effective way to remove excess skin and give your abdomen a sleek, refined look.

2. Repair Diastasis Recti

The muscles in your abdomen should be connected like a brick wall, but pregnancy can cause these muscles to weaken or separate, which is called diastasis recti. Weakened abdominal muscles can create a bulge or pooch in the stomach. Exercise may help to strengthen and tighten the core muscles but it won’t repair the separated muscles or get rid of the pooch. As part of a tummy tuck, a plastic surgeon can stitch abdominal muscles back together for a stronger, smoother look.

3. Rejuvenate Breasts

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause fluctuations in breast size that may result in lost volume and stretched skin. If your breasts look deflated or saggy after pregnancy, you may want to talk with a plastic surgeon about how breast implants can help restore shape and fullness and a breast lift can improve their position.

Depending on your specific concerns, your plastic surgeon may recommend breast augmentation, a breast lift or both. For the best results, schedule a breast consultation six months after weaning your baby to ensure that your breasts have stopped changing.

4. Liposuction for Stubborn Fat

It can be frustrating to work hard to lose the baby weight only to see stubborn pockets of fat still lingering on your body. Located just below the surface of your skin, subcutaneous fat doesn’t always respond well to diet and exercise. Liposuction is an effective method to sculpt away the excess fat that can gather on the hips, thighs or other parts of the body.

Once you are close to or have reached your target weight, liposuction can help you achieve a more defined shape. Liposuction can help accentuate tummy tuck or results to improve the appearance of your abdomen or can be used throughout your body to remove extra fat as part of your mommy makeover.

5. Boost Confidence

Moms are known for putting everyone else first and sacrificing their own needs for the greater good of their children and families. However, focusing on yourself every now and then can be an important part of making sure you’re able to do and feel your best as a mom. Boosting your confidence may not seem like a priority in the busyness of raising children, but it can be an important part of self-care. When you work with a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, the overall improved look from your mommy makeover can jumpstart your confidence and banish the post-baby blues.