Summary: Anyone who’s given birth will more than likely be familiar with the effects pregnancy and childbirth can have on your figure. New moms can turn to exercise and diet in an attempt to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies but sometimes all the effort in the world can’t achieve the desired results. If you’ve tried the traditional routes to a more toned physique but haven’t quite gotten there, you may be considering help from your plastic surgeon. These 5 signs will help you identify the best time for a mommy makeover.

1. You’re At or Near Your Target Weight

Mommy makeovers are not intended to replace good diet and exercise habits; rather, the procedures have been developed to complement your own hard work. If you do decide it’s the best time for body contouring, make sure you’re able to maintain your current healthy weight long-term. Repeated weight gain and loss can wreak havoc on the body and undo your results.

If you are at, or near, the target weight for your height and build and no amount of diet or exercise is shifting your problem areas, a mommy makeover could be an option for you.

2. Weight Loss Has Left Problem Areas More Pronounced

Are your upper arms, lower stomach, love handles, thighs, back or other problem areas looking more pronounced after weight loss? This is one main indicator that it may be the best time for a mommy makeover. You may also have found that pregnancy and childbirth has altered other areas of the body, particularly through the breasts and tummy. Your procedures can be tailored exactly to your individual requirements—your plastic surgeon will talk more with you about your personal appearance goals at your mommy makeover consultation.

3. Weight Gain Gives You the Appearance of Aging

While diet and exercise can do a lot for most areas of the body, one of the effects of aging is fat being more likely to settle in these areas and stubbornly refusing to be shifted. Liposuction, as part of a mommy makeover, could be the answer. During your initial consultation, individual areas that stand out to you as being problem areas will be discussed along with potential solutions.

4. Your Family Is Complete

After the birth of your youngest child is the best time for a mommy makeover. Before deciding to move forward, take some time to consider whether you’ve completed your family. If not, it’s generally best to wait until you are completely certain that no further pregnancies will occur. Your mommy makeover may include breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and liposuction, all of which can be adversely affected by further pregnancy.

5. It’s Fall or Winter

You may find that the seasons help you decide on the best time for body contouring. Generally speaking, fall and winter are the ideal time for a mommy makeover for a variety of reasons. Looser clothes will be more comfortable after plastic surgery, the festive season is the perfect time to unveil a new you and the cooler weather is generally more conducive to resting and relaxing as you heal. Immediately after your mommy makeover, you may also wish to cover any bruising or swelling with longer sleeves or higher necklines. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible following body contouring procedures, providing another reason to keep it to the later months of the year.