Summary: More and more women have begun to open up about their breast augmentation procedures, even going so far as to share pictures of their before and after results on the Internet, with the intention of helping other women decide if implants are right for them. But what’s at the heart of this seemingly sudden openness around a procedure that not too long ago was seen as taboo? As it turns out, there are numerous factors that have contributed to the rising popularity and openness surrounding breast augmentation.



1. Look Good, Feel Good

It’s estimated that those with an “above-average” appearance will earn considerably more money in their lifetime than those classified as being “subpar.” And while this inequality may, on the surface, appear to be completely superficial, it may run a little deeper than just pure looks.

You’ve probably heard the saying that you can only look as good as you feel. However, the reverse may also be true. Those who take steps to look younger on the outside also tend to feel more energized and youthful on the inside, which can also translate to better performance at work and other activities.

2. Pressure vs. Self-Confidence

While the societal pressure placed on women to always look their best seems to have remained a constant, the ways that women are choosing to use their appearances to make a positive impact on their self-confidence do seem to be changing. Many women who have always had a negative body image because of the size, shape or asymmetry of their breasts are now finding it empowering to be able to do something to improve their self-confidence. Breast augmentation has become something that women can do for themselves, rather than being a direct reaction to societal pressure.

3. Natural-Looking Results

Another major shift that’s been seen throughout plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is the constant improvement of technology and practices that have allowed women to obtain results that look and feel natural. Thus, more and more women are opting for breast enlargement procedures that work to enhance the natural look and feel of their bodies, rather than the “fake-looking,” larger-than-life results stereotypical of plastic surgery procedures of the past.

4. Affordability

Along with its improved technology, plastic surgery is becoming more accessible to the average woman than ever before. Although once an expensive procedure typically seen only in celebrities or other high-profile figures, breast augmentation is now much more affordable. This may contribute to the shift in stereotypes associated with plastic surgery, as it’s no longer thought of as being just for the rich and famous.

5. Societal Shift

Perhaps at the heart of many women’s openness about breast augmentation is that there’s been a shift in the way society views plastic surgery. Due in part to the procedure’s natural results and affordability, breast augmentation is now much more accepted as a beauty enhancement tool, much along the lines of the multitudes of anti-aging creams and other time-stopping cosmetics on the market.

When considering plastic surgery procedures like breast implants, keep in mind that the choice should ultimately be yours, and it shouldn’t be influenced by external pressure. Many women find that implants have helped them to feel good about their bodies, which can translate into feeling good about other aspects of life as well. If you’re thinking about a breast augmentation, find a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with whom you can discuss the details of the procedure and your individual goals.