Summary: Each year, hundreds of thousands of women in the United States choose breast augmentation to enhance their appearance and boost their self-image. Though the demand for certain plastic surgery procedures waxes and wanes, breast implants remain among the most popular of all cosmetic procedures. Just as fashion trends come and go, trends in the world of plastic surgery often pass. But the desire for feminine curves may prove timeless, and there are a number of reasons why so many women choose breast implants.



1. Correct Asymmetry

Asymmetry is actually rather common in the human body, yet it’s often so subtle and can be easily disguised. It may be an ear that is slightly higher than its counterpart, or two mismatched feet. Breasts can also be asymmetrical and some women look to breast implants to correct the imbalance.

Using breast implants, a plastic surgeon can even out the breasts by adding different-sized implants to correct the asymmetry or by only enhancing the smaller breast. Breast implants can help women who are concerned with their breast asymmetry feel more comfortable and confident about their appearance.

2. Add Contours to a Flat Chest

Many women enjoy breast implants for how they enhance the volume of their natural shape, adding contours to a flatter chest and increasing the fullness of the upper pole. Breast implants bring curves to the body, which may help to accentuate other parts of your figure and improve the fit of your clothes.

3. After Pregnancy/Nursing

Women who loved their pre-pregnancy breasts may not appreciate the deflated appearance that post-pregnancy breasts can have. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast skin and tissue stretch to accommodate the added volume. However, the skin may not shrink back to its original size.

Breast enhancement can help restore lost volume, and some women find that a breast lift combined with implants can offer them optimal results. You should wait at least six months after pregnancy and breastfeeding before seeking breast augmentation. This will ensure that your breasts have finished changing.

4. Balance the Figure

Breast implants can bring better harmony to your figure. With the added volume in your chest, your waist may appear trimmer and your hips and shoulders may look more balanced. Breast implants are often selected based on how they fit with your body’s proportions. Your plastic surgeon can help you find the right breast implant that will complement your figure. When tailored to your specific shape, even a modest augmentation can have a big affect on your overall appearance.

5. Boost Confidence

Breast implants can do more than enhance your physical appearance. When you look good, you feel good, and it’s no secret that breast implants can help increase confidence and self-image. Many women feel sexier with their new breasts, and enjoy a boost in intimacy thanks to their newfound confidence. Whether the change is subtle or more dramatic, the joy at feeling comfortable in your own skin can have far reaching affects.

Whatever the reason for breast implants, the first step is to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation. You want a plastic surgeon you can talk with openly and honestly, and you should be clear about your appearance goals. The best results are borne out of great communication, realistic expectations and a skilled plastic surgeon.