Summary: Here in the good ol’ US of A, we like to think that bigger is always better. We like our cars big and our houses bigger. We even invented “Supersizing.” Because of these trends, many people associate cosmetic surgery with larger-than-life breast implants, too. The truth is, the tide is changing in the world of breast enhancement. These days, we’re seeing a growing preference for small breast implants following the rise of more realistic portrayals of female beauty in the media. Women are opting for less dramatic cosmetic surgeries and more natural-looking results from their breast enhancement. Ultimately, some women will always prefer larger implants due to personal preference, and that’s fine too. However, there are five reasons bigger may not always be better when it comes to selecting breast implants. Dressing up her bra.

1. Larger Implants May Complicate Exercise Routines

Women are more physically active today than ever before, trying out all sorts of fun exercise routines to keep their workouts fresh and interesting and maintain results long-term. Large breasts, whether augmented or natural, can be painful when working out. For this reason, many of today’s women are choosing moderate breast implants that better suit their daily lifestyles and minimize discomfort in the gym, on the track or in the water.

2. Larger Implants Look More Obvious

For women hoping to enhance their breasts without ending up with a look that feels overly obvious, smaller breast implants offer a still-sexy yet less dramatic boost. Regardless of how talented your cosmetic surgeon may be, implants that aren’t proportionate to your natural frame will always be more noticeable compared to a more relative size.

3. Ill-Fitting Large Implants May Cause Complications Over Time

Larger implants are more likely to cause complications down the line than smaller implants. For example, issues like bottoming out are far more common with heavier implants of larger volumes than with smaller, lighter implants. This is especially true when implants are large enough to extend beyond the natural breast base diameter. A cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation will ensure that the selected implants are a good fit for the patient’s frame, offering flattering results both now and for years to come.

4. Growing Preference for Natural-Looking Results

As women see more realistic portrayals of female beauty in marketing messages and advertising campaigns, they are becoming more likely to seek out natural-looking cosmetic surgery results as well. Accordingly, breast enhancement options like the Brazilian B—the trendy nickname for the smaller implants favored by Brazilian supermodels—put beautifully boosted yet believable breasts within reach. These more subtle breast implants prove it’s possible to improve your existing figure without concerns of making an obvious change that everyone will notice as “fake.”

5. Larger Implants More Susceptible to Gravity

It’s not surprising that larger implants (just like naturally larger breasts) are more likely to sag as time passes. The heavier breasts created by larger implants are more susceptible to the effects of gravity, which can mean more pronounced drooping later in life. To preserve a perky, uplifted look as long as possible, smaller breast implants may be a better choice. While ultimately all breasts – augmented or otherwise – will be subject to the downward drag of gravity, opting for modest implants instead may resist gravity’s impact just a little bit longer for a look that’s just as gorgeous now as it will be in the future.