Summary: Move over Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. Bigger booties and curvier figures have become front and center in pop culture, and plastic surgery trends are following suit. Brazilian butt lift procedures are increasing by leaps and bounds as women want to boost their backsides to keep up with this trend. Newsweek reports that the number of people getting butt lifts is up over 250 percent since 2000. Furthermore, 2015 saw 36 percent more butt augmentation procedures than 2014. These statistics indisputably outpace increases in other types of cosmetic procedures. But what are the causes behind modern trends becoming “all about that bass”?


1. The Kardashian Effect

Pop culture and social media have undoubtedly fueled this obsession with larger butts. Although the trend was arguably started by Jennifer Lopez, the big bottom really became mainstream with the arrival of the Kardashians. Reality star Kim, along with her voluptuous sisters, became “famous for being famous” but simultaneously sparked a media obsession because of their disproportionately large backsides. The Kardashians empowered women to embrace their curves and began a rewrite of the definition of “sexy.” The subsequent rise in popularity of curvier stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Nicki Minaj further fed the media frenzy over plumper backsides.

2. Swimsuit Models Aren’t So Skinny Anymore

Ashley Graham recently became a household name when she was chosen as one of the models to grace the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Graham, a plus-size model, is a clear contrast to the super-skinny models historically chosen for the cover role. The magazine stated their portrayal of different body types is an effort to promote body acceptance and positivity and to spread the message that beautiful women come in many shapes and sizes. Graham has stated she hopes to help erase the idea that only skinny women can be beautiful.

3. Even Barbie Has a Bigger Backside

Mattel recently contributed to the evolution of the “ideal” body type recently by making changes to the shape and proportions of their iconic doll. Barbie, who used to have measurements that were arguably impossible for a human to achieve, now comes with new body type options including curvy, petite and tall. The “original” Barbie body is still available for purchase, but the toy manufacturer hopes that this move will contribute to an expanded definition of what’s beautiful and combat body image issues that often plague young girls. Barbie received criticism for years for giving young girls an unrealistic idea of what constitutes a beautiful body.

4. A Bigger Bottom Is a Sign of Health and Vitality

Biological instinct also comes into play here. Scientists agree that humans are programmed to keep the ultimate goal of procreation in mind, and the brain is constantly acting and reacting to stimuli based on this goal. Many evolutionary psychologists agree that men subconsciously view larger butts as a sign that a woman is healthy and can bear children. One study revealed that the seeing a woman with a large butt triggered chemical responses in the male brain similar to those caused by drugs, alcohol and pleasurable foods. This reaction seems even stronger when the larger butt is combined with a narrow waist to create the coveted hourglass figure. For this reason, many women receiving butt lifts also opt for waist-slimming liposuction to enhance and highlight their results.