Summary: When searching for the right plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck, knowing which questions to ask both your plastic surgeon and yourself can help to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your procedure. During your consultation, make note of things like the environment, general atmosphere and whether or not you’re able to develop a positive rapport with the staff and plastic surgeon. Use these five questions as a guide to help you choose the right practice for you.

1. Are You Board-Certified?

Many people often don’t realize that not all plastic surgeons are board-certified. Board certification ensures that the plastic surgeon with whom you’re working is qualified, skilled and experienced to perform the procedures that he or she offers. Don’t be afraid to ask about certifications and other relevant qualifications that may indicate a high level of expertise in his or her field.

2. How Many Times Have You Performed This Procedure?

Even board-certified plastic surgeons can specialize in performing certain procedures, so it’s a good idea to ask about the particular plastic surgery that you’re considering. If a plastic surgeon specializes in facelift and rhinoplasty procedures, for example, but you want a tummy tuck, this may not be the right fit for you. Asking your plastic surgeon how many tummy tucks he or she has performed in the past can help you gauge his or her experience level, as well as the quality of results that you should be able to expect. Additionally, browsing through any before and after photos that the practice has can help you decide if this plastic surgeon can deliver the kinds of results you want.

3. Do I Feel Comfortable With This Particular Person?

Ultimately, you want to work with someone with whom you feel comfortable. Are you able to discuss your individual needs and goals for your procedure with this person? Ask yourself whether or not you feel confident in your ability to clearly and effectively communicate with your plastic surgeon, and if you feel that he or she is able to listen to your goals and design an individualized surgical plan with those in mind.

4. What Safety Measures Does the Practice Take?

Your safety, comfort and the overall quality of your tummy tuck should be some of your plastic surgeon’s top priorities. Find out if the practice is accredited, and, if so, with which organizations. It can also be useful to ask about the qualifications of not only the plastic surgeon but the other members of the medical team as well.

5. Is the Staff Friendly and Helpful?

Overall, ask yourself if you had a generally positive experience when you visited the practice. Was the staff friendly and willing to assist you? Did you feel that all of your needs were met and that your consultation went smoothly? These types of questions can be excellent indicators of whether or not this may be the right plastic surgeon to perform your tummy tuck procedure. Because the right plastic surgeon can have such a big impact on your overall experience and satisfaction level with your results, you shouldn’t feel rushed into a decision. Take some time to peruse the practice’s website, make some phone calls and schedule a consultation. It will be well worth putting in a little extra effort in the beginning to get the sleek and slim contours that you want from your tummy tuck.