Summary: When you think of plastic surgery, you probably think of aesthetically-motivated, elective procedures designed to improve your appearance. While this can be the case, there are some legitimate ways that plastic surgery can also improve a person’s overall health and quality of life. Here’s a deeper look into five plastic surgery options that can offer benefits far beyond outward appearances.

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1. Breast Reduction

Bigger isn’t always better, and this can be especially true for women who have extremely large natural breasts. The excessive weight from very large breasts can lead to a multitude of medical problems including neck and back pain, skin irritation and indentations from bra straps. Beyond the physiological effects, many women are very uncomfortable with the kind of attention that dramatically large breasts can bring.

Breast reduction surgery offers a liberating solution for women who feel burdened by their cumbersome breasts. Eliminating excess breast weight can dramatically improve a woman’s daily comfort and quality of life and finally having breasts that proportionately complement her body,can give her a new sense of self-confidence.

2. Rhinoplasty

Most of us take for granted the ability to breathe easily without any obstruction or interference. However, many people struggle daily with breathing issues caused by a deviated septum or other physical problems within the nose.

Whether caused by birth defect or an injury, a nose deformity that inhibits breathing can often be corrected with a rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job. When the aesthetics of the nose are also of concern, a rhinoplasty can often correct any breathing issues and improve the overall appearance of the nose in a single surgical procedure.

3. Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring

Overweight people can greatly improve their overall health and avoid many serious health concerns by changing their lifestyle habits and reaching a healthy body weight. However, dramatic weight loss involves the elimination of fat, not skin. Many people feel disappointed by the heavy folds of excess skin that often remain after significant weight loss. This skin is not only unsightly and difficult to hide in clothing, but can cause several related frustrations, including back pain and skin infections.

Post-weight loss body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck, thigh lift or breast lift, can greatly improve your quality of life after weight loss by removing excess skin and eliminating painful chafing and skin irritations. Additionally, the removal of skin folds can highlight your slimmer figure to better show off your weight loss achievement.

4. Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, the overdevelopment of male breast tissue, can not only feel like an embarrassment at the gym or the beach, but may lead to deeper emotional and psychological issues.Male breast reduction can correct gynecomastia to create a firmer, more masculine-looking chest, while also improving self-esteem and restoring confidence.

5. UpperEyelid Surgery

As part of the natural aging process, the skin of the upper eyelids can lose their firmness and elasticity and begin to sag. Droopy eyelids can contribute to a tired, aged appearance, but can also become a legitimate health and quality of life concern if they interfere with your vision. Upper eyelid surgery, also called and upper blepharoplasty, involves the removal of excess, saggy eyelid skin. Lifting the eyelids creates a more rested, youthful appearance and can correct impaired vision caused by sagging or excess eyelid skin.