Summary: Choosing a good physician for any healthcare concern is important, but this process takes on even more importance when it comes to facial rejuvenation. Whether choosing nonsurgical treatments like BOTOX® and fillers or looking for a facelift specialist, I recommend looking for five qualities that I feel are essential to have in a top facial rejuvenation surgeon.

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1. Board Certified

Board certification in plastic surgery is a voluntary process, and only a select group of surgeons have earned this credential. When you choose a board certified plastic surgeon for your facelift, you’ll know that he or she went above and beyond to ensure a thorough understanding of the techniques and procedures used.

With dual board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery, I focus on sharing the newest surgical methods and innovations with my patients along with always making safety my top priority.

2. ASPS Member

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is a prestigious organization that welcomes board-certified plastic surgeons into its membership. Candidates are voted into the ASPS by active members, after meeting several rigorous standards:

  • Graduation from an accredited medical school
  • Completion of at least six years of surgical training after medical school, at least three of which must be plastic surgery residency training
  • Passing extensive oral and written exams
  • Must be board certified in plastic surgery
  • Must participate in continuing medical education every year, including education on patient safety
  • Only performs surgery in approved surgical facilities
  • Honors the ASPS Code of Ethics

3. A Complete Rejuvenation Philosophy

Facelift patientMy philosophy on how to surgically handle facial aging revolves around addressing the many subtle aspects that contribute to an aged appearance, to create a cohesive rejuvenation rather than simply focusing on one feature. Focusing too much on a single procedure or single area of the face can lead to overcorrection and results that are not proportional or balanced with a person’s other features. In my experience this philosophy offers much more natural-looking facelift results, and finding a surgeon who understands and can recognize the complex variables that contribute to your individual facial aging is a must for achieving the best outcome.

4. Incorporates Nonsurgical Techniques

These days, there are many alternatives for facial rejuvenation that don’t include surgery. In fact, a traditional facelift is more likely a second or third step for older patients after they have tried more conservative, non-surgical treatments. When I see patients with very early signs of aging, I like to refresh their appearance using minimally invasive options first. BOTOX® and injectable fillers are excellent solutions for wrinkles, while Ultherapy® is ideal for skin that’s just beginning to show signs of laxity.

5. Honest Bedside Manner

Finally, while honesty is an important quality for any plastic surgeon, an open discussion of realistic expectations is absolutely essential in a top facelift surgeon. Without candid communication, patient and doctor may find themselves challenged in understanding the oftentimes subjective goals that patients wish to achieve through surgery.

Honesty also ties into bedside manner; I genuinely care about my patients’ outcomes, and this translates into my deeper commitment toward high-quality care and results. Additionally, my patients always know they can count on my support and the support of my staff from consultation all the way through their recovery, which is an important element in ensuring a positive experience from start to finish.