What Makes a Good Mommy Makeover?

They say that women hold up half the sky, and it’s only logical that they’d want to look good while doing it! A mommy makeover is often the perfect cosmetic solution for women whose bodies have changed as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding and the general travails of life.

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A mommy makeover is a customizable set of procedures, designed to match the unique needs and appearance goals of each woman. So if you’re planning on this well-deserved cosmetic surgery, we’ve got five mommy makeover tips to help you enjoy a full-body reboot for beautiful results.

1. Combine a Breast Lift with Implants

Let’s face it: the breasts can really take a beating. The skin around the breasts expands during pregnancy, and breastfeeding puts additional pressure on the delicate tissue. Of course, you’re not going to miss out on the joys of motherhood in order to preserve your breast appearance, which is why cosmetic surgery is here to help.

To make the most of your mommy makeover, consider combining a breast lift with breast augmentation. Implants can replace lost volume that may occur as a result of breastfeeding or weight fluctuations, while a breast lift can reshape your breasts and elevate their position on the chest wall for a more youthful contour.

A mommy makeover is an investment in your overall wellbeing, helping you feel fantastic from the inside out.

2. Add Lipo to Your Tummy Tuck

Each year, hundreds of thousands of women sing the praises on tummy tuck surgery. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can be included as part of a mommy makeover to address excess abdominal skin or weakened stomach muscles. Not only can a tummy tuck dramatically improve your stomach contours, here’s another mommy makeover tip for you: including liposuction with your abdominoplasty can further enhance your results. Your cosmetic surgeon can use liposuction to sculpt your waistline and refine your hips for a more flattering overall figure.

3. Include Med Spa Procedures

There are any number of med spa procedures that you can add to your mommy makeover to further tip the scales of beauty in your favor, so you emerge from your cosmetic surgery looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Consider a BOTOX® treatment to soften expression lines in the forehead or around the eyes, or dermal fillers to restore lost facial volume. Add in a chemical peel to brighten up a tired complexion, or choose from other med spa procedures to help you look and feel your best.

4. Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

A mommy makeover is not a simple “one and done” procedure. It’s more of a journey, and any journey worth taking requires a trusted guide. One of the most important tips for achieving excellent mommy makeover results is choosing a cosmetic surgeon who’s highly-trained and experienced. What’s more, you want to find someone who can listen to your cosmetic concerns and offers a caring approach.

When looking for a cosmetic surgeon for your mommy makeover, make sure you feel comfortable and secure with them. Ask about their credentials, and look through before and after photos of previous clients to view their results.

5. Treat Yourself Like the Queen You Are

It’s common for women to put themselves last. After all, there are families to tend to, children to care for, never ending work that needs to get done. But your mommy makeover is time for you to invest in yourself, and taking necessary downtime to recover is vital to an excellent outcome. Set yourself up for a restful, relaxing mommy makeover recovery, enlisting the support of friends and loved ones. You deserve it.