Summary:  It’s fairly common for women to feel self-conscious about their appearances given the wide-ranging media pressure to adhere to certain ideas of beauty. One area of the body that women most frequently report dissatisfaction with is the breasts. While women may feel that their breast appearance is lacking in some way, they might be surprised to learn how common their concerns are and that a cosmetic solution is well within reach.


1. Tuberous Breasts

Although not a widespread breast concern, women with tuberous breasts often feel very self-conscious about their appearance. Tuberous breasts can result from a congenital condition that restricts natural breast growth during puberty, causing very little breast tissue, a higher than normal inframammary fold, breast sagging and puffy or swollen areolas.

Because of the pronounced affect tubular breasts can have on a woman’s mental and emotional wellbeing, cosmetic surgery can have a profound impact on the patient’s quality of life. An experienced breast augmentation specialist can use a customized approach to release restrictive tissue bands in the breasts before filling out breast volume with implants.

2. Breast Asymmetry

Nearly every woman has some breast asymmetry, but when asymmetry is particularly pronounced, it can cause extreme feelings of self-consciousness. Research has demonstrated that significant breast asymmetry can cause adolescent girls and young women to score lower on measurements of mental health and overall wellbeing than those with a greater degree of breast evenness. To correct breast asymmetry, your cosmetic surgeon can use breast implants, a breast lift, a breast reduction or a combination approach to create the most natural looking, symmetrical results.

3. Very Little Natural Breast Growth

Micromastia is the technical term used to describe little to no natural breast growth during puberty. This can cause to women to worry about being “flat chested” or to feel unfeminine and underdeveloped.

In reality, it’s very common for women to naturally develop small breasts, but modern breast augmentation techniques mean that women with micromastia can enjoy breast implant results that create a more curvaceous figure without appearing too artificial. Gummy bear implants or regular silicone gel implants can create the most natural looking breast augmentation results in women with very little breast tissue, as these implants have a decreased chance of rippling.

4. Breasts Too Large

While many women feel that their breasts are too small, others feel self-conscious about having breasts that they feel are too large. In addition to feeling as if their breasts are disproportional to the rest of their bodies, women with macromastia, or overly large breasts, can suffer from a range of physical and emotional issues, including back pain, poor posture and skin rashes as just a few examples.

Macromastia can also cause women to have difficulty shopping for fitted clothes, receive unwanted attention or feel embarrassed in swimsuits or certain tops. A breast reduction can create more proportional breasts to increase physical comfort as well as psychological well-being.

5. Sagging

Also known as ptosis, sagging can cause breasts to appear aged or deflated. Sagging can also cause breasts to develop loose skin and stretched-out areolas. While sagging is most commonly associated with large breasts, even women with small breasts can experience ptosis.

A breast lift can restore the breasts to a more youthful position, tightening excess skin and resizing the areolas as needed. A breast lift can also be combined with breast augmentation for women interested in improving their breast position in addition to getting a volume boost.