Summary: Breast augmentation is well-known for enhancing women’s appearances, but have you ever considered the less visible benefits? Breast appearance can have a significant impact on a woman’s self-esteem, body image and feelings of self-confidence, making breast augmentation an investment in not only your looks, but also your attitude and quality of life. In fact, for many women, the top five benefits of breast augmentation are those that go beyond basic appearances.


1. Expanded Wardrobe Options

A larger breast size often means more clothing options, especially for women who were previously small-breasted. Some styles and cuts simply look better with a fuller bust, and you may find that your style completely changes or evolves in a whole different way to better accentuate your new curves after breast enlargement.

From lingerie and bikinis to classy dresses and even dress suits, breast augmentation can help you look and feel more fashionable no matter what you’re wearing, and allow you to showcase your unique style in a fresh way.

2. A Better Sex Life

A poll conducted by the plastic surgery site RealSelf shows that women report having a better sex life after getting breast implants. Benefits listed included having sex more often, along with feeling more satisfied in general with their sex lives.

While having larger breasts may not directly improve your sex life in terms of physical sensation, the associated boost in self-confidence can certainly bring some noticeable benefits into the bedroom. After all, a positive sexual experience can only be improved when both partners feel happy and confident with their bodies.

3. Enhanced Feelings of Femininity

For many breast augmentation patients, getting implants isn’t just about going bigger—it’s about feeling more feminine. Women with small breasts may feel as if they’re lacking a hallmark of womanhood that more voluptuous women have in spades. For these ladies, breast enlargement can increase a sense of femininity right along with increasing their cup size.

Women can also consider breast implants as a way to balance out their body shape, transforming a standard pear shape into a knock-out hourglass, or adding a little extra softness to an otherwise athletic, muscular frame.

4. Investing in Yourself

Everyone’s familiar with the pressures of life pulling this way and that on your time and attention. Women in particular can feel like there’s never enough time left at the end of the day for a quiet bath or other much-deserved mental health break on top of tending to a career, kids, husband and home.

Breast augmentation may not be for everyone, but if it is the right move for you, finally making the investment in yourself can feel like a monumental step in your life. For many women, putting energy toward their own dreams by celebrating the choice to get breast implants can be an empowering move that increases their sense of positivity.

5. The Ripple Effect

The potential ripple effect of an improved attitude is a well-documented phenomenon. A more positive self-image and attitude toward life can benefit your intimate relationships, friendships, family relationships and professional life.

In a survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 92 percent of women had improved self-esteem after getting breast augmentation, while 64 percent said that their overall quality of life went up.

When breast augmentation has the potential to affect so many aspects of your psychological wellbeing in so many positive ways, it’s clear that the reasons for getting implants are about much more than just a change up in cup size.