Summary: Despite what Hollywood or the pages of glossy magazines show, most women do not have perfectly symmetrical breasts. A lot of women who have uneven breasts may think their situation is rare, but it’s actually very common for there to be at least a slight difference between sides. However, a more significant discrepancy in breast size can cause problems like clothing not fitting properly, self-consciousness or even fear of intimacy. Fortunately, breast enhancement surgery offers a variety of options for those women who would like to achieve a more symmetrical look.


Single Breast Augmentation

There are a number of ways in which breast augmentation can be used to make breasts look more even. Breast augmentation involves inserting either a saline or silicone implant into the breast pocket, which increases the volume of the breast. For the woman who’s already happy with the size of her larger breast, the smaller breast can be increased to match the larger using just one implant. Sometimes, this is combined with a procedure (such as a breast lift or reduction) on the opposite breast for even greater symmetry.

Double Breast Augmentation

A woman can also have both of her breasts augmented to attain an ultimately larger breast size than either of her original breasts. This procedure can be done using different sized silicone or saline implants to ensure an even result. Your surgeon will insert the smaller-sized implant into the larger breast, and the larger-sized implant into the smaller breast. Consultation with a skilled surgeon is critical to this process, as he or she will select the ideal implant for each breast in order to achieve the desired effect, taking into account your unique anatomy.

Some women who have already had breast augmentation may decide to have revision surgery, either to update their look or to correct breast implant asymmetry. A breast enhancement specialist can correct breast size difference by replacing the older implants and improving the new implant placement and support.

Adjustable Saline Implants

When using an adjustable saline implant to correct asymmetrical breasts, the approach used is slightly different. The surgeon will insert empty implants into both breasts. After insertion, he or she will then carefully inject the sterile saline solution into the implant and fill until the appropriate size is reached. The surgeon can make micro-adjustments to the size of each implant separately by adding or withdrawing fluid for a balanced final result.


Some women with uneven breasts prefer the appearance of their smaller-sized breast. In this case, there are two procedures that may be performed on the larger breast: a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, and breast reduction surgery.

Both a breast lift and breast reduction reshape the breast without the need for implants, but a reduction involves a more significant amount of tissue removal. In some cases, breasts can be made more even with the help of liposuction rather than through breast reduction.

Which Option Is Best for You?

Depending on your goals, there are a number of ways to correct mismatched breasts. Some women may need a combination of procedures to best help them get their hoped-for results, while others can see a great outcome with a single surgery. The procedures that your surgeon chooses will depend upon your personal preferences and anatomy. Consulting with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is the first step in enjoying a beautifully even breast appearance.