Summary: As rewarding as pregnancy and childbirth can be, both of these exciting life changes can also cause significant physical changes in your body, sometimes even more substantially when followed by nursing. Specifically, pregnancy hormones, weight fluctuations and the natural process of aging can all change the shape, volume and placement of your breasts so much that pregnancy has become almost synonymous with “losing” your figure.

Breast augmentation can be an excellent option for women interested in feeling better about their post-baby body. Whether saline or silicone breast implants are combined with other cosmetic procedures, or breast augmentation is performed as a solo surgery, either option offers a variety of benefits that may be especially relevant for women who have gone through pregnancy. Here are four ways breast implants can help you recover your pre-pregnancy curves.

1. Boost Deflated Breasts

Pregnancy hormones usually cause the breasts to gain volume, which is then lost after these hormones decrease to a normal level. Although the skin stretches during pregnancy and nursing to accommodate your temporarily larger breast size, excess skin may not reduce afterwards, often causing breasts to take on a deflated appearance. Breast implants can restore lost volume and boost a deflated breast appearance to create a fuller, curvier look.

2. Correct Droopiness

As a result of age, diet, and pregnancy, breasts can become droopy over time. Droopiness, or ptosis, can be aggravated by the effects of gravity, and may result in downward pointing nipples or nipples situated below the inframammary fold, the natural crease under the breasts.

The idea that breast augmentation alone can correct droopiness remains one of the biggest myths about breast augmentation. However, combining implants with a breast lift can restore the breasts to a higher position and correct nipple placement in addition to increasing cup size. The goal result is an uplifted, perkier profile and firmer breast texture.

3. Restore a Youthful Figure

Many women who have undergone pregnancy would love to regain the sexy shape they may have enjoyed when they were younger. Breast implants can enhance your natural curves in just the right way to create a bigger bust line, accentuated cleavage and a more youthful appearance.

While breast implants once meant a too-obvious augmentation, today’s modern trends lean more towards a natural look that’s proportionate yet flattering. After augmentation, you should notice a more youthful shape to your figure, with breasts that look and feel high and firm again, particularly if a breast lift is performed at the same time.

4. Increase Self-Confidence

Although most women associate breast implants with the obvious physical improvements, the real benefits of breast augmentation go beyond appearances. Women often experience higher self-esteem and an increased sense of positivity concerning their image after breast enhancement. These effects can range from more varied wardrobe options to deeper psychological gains, like added self-confidence in social situations and increased sexual satisfaction.

Non-physical benefits may be especially important for moms after pregnancy, when so many women feel unhappy about the pregnancy-related changes in their bodies. Many women also struggle to redefine themselves in their new role as mother to a child, and want to regain a clearer sense of femininity. Investing in yourself after focusing on your family can help ensure that you have the confidence and positive outlook necessary to put your best foot forward in your social, professional and family life.