Summary: While there’s no denying that the day you’ll finally get breast implants counts as a major life event, don’t let the breast augmentation itself overshadow the importance of your recovery time. The healing period after getting breast implants is in many ways just as critical to your final outcome. These four tips can help ensure an easier recovery as you wait to see your new look.

Pick the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Although the 2014 plastic surgery statistics show that breast augmentation was the most popular procedure performed last year, that doesn’t mean that every surgeon is equally capable of delivering beautiful results.

Surgical skill has a great deal to do with your outcome, including how you feel during your recovery period. Not only is technique important, but so are the decisions that are made during the surgery itself, such as where incisions are placed, subglandular vs submuscular breast implant placement, and many other factors. In the event of breast fat transfer, there are typically no incisions on the breast and recovery may be more related to the nature of the donor sites.

Choosing the best breast augmentation surgeon means picking someone who will work with you to make the choices that bring out the best in your body, and that includes a happy, healthy recovery. Rearrange Your Schedule as Needed

If you’ve got a huge presentation scheduled just a few days after your breast augmentation, you’re not going to give your mind and body the rest that’s so vitally needed for a stress-free healing period. When you’re planning your surgery time, look at the calendar and try to rearrange any big ticket items so they won’t conflict with your recovery.

For those events that can’t be moved, like your kid’s soccer tournament or final exams, consider finding a two-week period where your responsibility load is lighter. Alternatively, see what you can do about calling in friends or family who could provide extra help with any nonnegotiable tasks that fall during your recovery.

Plan Ahead

Another part of planning ahead for your post-op recovery is to think about what you’ll need during those first few days, and gather as many of those things as possible to make them easily accessible right after surgery. This can include medical items, like prescriptions, but also think about having comfy clothing within reach. Button-up shirts are a must, as are your favorite sweats or yoga pants. Surgeons, such as Dr. Placik, offer education in rapid return exercises that help you resume normal activities at an earlier date than traditional recovery regimens.

Many women also find that using bags of frozen vegetables (rather than standard ice packs) are ideal for helping with pain and discomfort after breast augmentation, so add those to your grocery list a few weeks before surgery. You might also want to make sure that take-out menus are handy and the TV remote has fresh batteries, plus stock up on DVDs, new books for your Kindle or any other low-key activities to fill your time in the first days after your surgery.

Practice Patience

You’ve been anticipating your breast augmentation for months or even years, so it’s understandably hard to wait the many weeks that are a necessary part of the healing process before seeing your final results. It’s normal to expect immediate perfection right after surgery.

However, it’s also normal for your breasts to look asymmetrical, too large or too small, or placed higher than you wanted right after surgery too. None of this means you’re stuck with subpar results permanently. Practice patience, and remember that the body needs time to adjust to your implants so they can settle into their final placement and position. Like recovery itself, seeing your final results is something you can’t rush.

In the meantime, give yourself permission to binge-watch Friends and take it easy while you wait for your gorgeous new curves to reveal themselves.