Summary: Many women considering a breast lift often question whether or not they would also benefit from including implants with their procedure. For some women, a breast lift on its own can offer the youthful results they’re looking for, whereas others may be better suited for a combination breast lift and augmentation.

While the answer to this question will largely depend on your unique body shape and circumstances, generally speaking, you may want to consider how breast implants can improve the results of your lift if you can relate to one of these four common situations.

1. Women Whose Breasts Look Deflated after Pregnancy

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can alter the look and feel of your body, and many women find that a breast lift with implants can help to restore the appearance of their pre-baby figure. While a breast lift can address skin laxity, breast augmentation can help to provide a subtle boost of volume that more closely resembles the size and shape of your breasts before pregnancy.

It’s worth noting, however, that a future pregnancy will likely affect your results, so it’s best to complete your family before opting for a breast lift with implants. Otherwise, a revision procedure could be necessary in order to maintain the same quality of results.

2. Women Whose Figures Have Changed with Weight Loss

If you’re celebrating your weight loss achievements, consider treating yourself to a combination breast procedure to complete your transformation. Significant weight loss can impact breast appearance, causing breasts to droop or sag, because, unfortunately, we don’t get to choose which areas of our bodies lose fat and which don’t. As the fullness of your breasts decreases with weight loss, excess skin often results.

A breast lift with implants can help by removing loose skin, improving breast shape and providing the added breast volume that you may have lost through your diet and exercise efforts.

3. Women Whose Breasts Have Changed with Age

There’s no way to completely avoid the effects of aging. As the amount of collagen and elastin in our skin begins to decrease with age, the effects of gravity can give way, resulting in saggy breasts. Depending on your body shape and goals, a breast lift alone may not be enough to fully address these aesthetic concerns.

When combined with breast augmentation, though, this procedure can help to slow and even reverse the aging process by restoring a more voluminous and younger-looking figure while simultaneously addressing any sagging skin.

If gravity’s got you down, a breast lift with implants can give you a boost and restore a more youthful appearance. 

4. Women Who Want the Best of Both Worlds

Women looking for some extra volume as well as an improved breast shape and position may also be ideal candidates for a combination lift and augmentation. While breast implants can address the desired increase in size, they won’t affect the overall shape or position of your breasts. That’s where a breast lift comes in to give you more comprehensive results that will complete your new look.

If you’re still unsure about which procedures may be able to give you the results you’re looking for, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can provide a thorough assessment of your needs. He or she can then design a custom-tailored surgical plan to help address these needs and meet your unique goals.