Summary: Breast augmentation has always been a popular procedure, but it is more popular than ever right now. The procedure has evolved over the past decade. Thanks to new implant materials, emphasis on doctor to patient guidance, and the desire to create a more natural look, has created some incredible results.

It’s not breaking news that plastic surgery is becoming more popular, but many people are unaware of why the market continues to grow. One of the most popular procedures, breast augmentation, has undergone significant changes, and it’s a great starting point for understanding why elective healthcare continues to trend among a wide range of patients.

The general process of using implants to increase breast volume is relatively the same, but the implants are vastly different from those in use 10 years ago.   The shapes and materials available today give patients more options for creating beautiful results. While at one point the desired look was fullness in the upper part of the breasts, patients now seem to favor custom procedures that produce more natural-looking results.

Here are 3 ways plastic surgeons customize breast augmentation results:

1. Highly cohesive silicone breast implants One of the most obvious advances over the past few years has been the development of highly cohesive silicone breast implants, which are commonly referred to as “gummy bears.” The silicone used to fill these implants is more cohesive than previous options, meaning it maintains its shape in the case of a rupture or tear in the shell of the implant, much like the consistency of a gummy bear candy.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is a range of silicone breast implants that are approved for breast augmentation in women ages 22 or older. Patients can feel safe in choosing highly cohesive silicone implants that match their exact needs.

2. An emphasis on spending time with patients to understand exact cosmetic goals

Plastic surgeons understand that in order to create custom results, they must first get to know their patients’ exact needs. Consultations provide a one-on-one environment where people can ask questions, and surgeons can explain how different implants achieve certain results.

In researching which brands of breast implants were available in Atlanta, I came across a website for Plastic Surgery Center of the South. This practice has 4 surgeons and a website that details a number of factors for personalizing results. On the Breast Implant Options page, they describe considerations such as implant shape, profile, and texture and talk about how their surgeons spend lots of time covering these options during consultations and guiding their patients to find a suitable choice.

3. More realistic breast implant shapes Manufacturers of silicone breast implants understand that no 2 patients have the exact same needs, so they commonly offer a range of implant shapes. These implants enable surgeons to more easily customize results based on a patient’s body type and cosmetic goals.

Plastic Surgery Center of the South maintains a practice blog, where its board-certified plastic surgeons regularly contribute posts on the latest trends for cosmetic enhancement. In this post , one of the practice’s surgeons explains the benefits of MENTOR® MemoryShape silicone-filled breast implants. The surgeon explains how the FDA-approved implants mimic the shape of a teardrop, creating a more natural appearance.

Aside from choosing the perfect implants, breast augmentation patients are also opting for complementary procedures for more comprehensive results. Combination procedures such as Mommy Makeovers help women address multiple concerns at once. If you’re considering breast augmentation or any cosmetic surgery procedure, make sure your surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery and that she or he offers a range of products and techniques to meet your needs.