Summary: Surgeons everywhere are touting 24-hour recovery breast augmentation, and it appears the number is growing. Is it fact or fiction? Find out here.

24-Hour Breast Augmentation

If you’ve been thinking about getting breast implants and are doing some online research, chances are you’ve run across plastic surgery practices offering 24-hour recovery breast augmentation. Surgeons everywhere are touting quick recovery augmentation, and it appears the number is growing.

So what’s the skinny on the 24-hour recovery claim? Is it a case of promises, promises, or is it a positive outcome based on innovative, proven surgical techniques and protocol? You’re probably thinking it depends on whom you ask. And you’d be correct.

“If you ask ten surgeons the same (question), you will most likely get ten answers,” said one plastic surgeon answering a question about 24-hour recovery breast augmentation on RealSelf® an informational website about cosmetic surgery.

Studies show most women think about getting breast augmentation more than a year before actually undergoing the procedure. The main reason for putting off the surgery is concerns about the recovery time needed, especially if they have children. The promise of an accelerated recovery period removes a primary obstacle for many women who are thinking about getting implants.

There’s little doubt that more sophisticated surgical techniques used by many plastic surgeons result in less trauma to breast tissue during the augmentation procedure, reducing the pain following surgery. But the surgeon credited with developing the 24-hour recovery breast augmentation says it’s possible only if surgeons follow a detailed protocol that includes pre- and postoperative steps, in addition to the surgery itself. Those steps developed by Dr. John B. Tebbetts include:

  • Shortening the operation itself, reducing the amount of drugs in a patient’s system
  • Surgical techniques limiting trauma to tissues and ribs
  • Dramatically reducing the amount of bleeding during the surgery

Not everyone believes the rapid recovery augmentation is possible, and some surgeons say the distinction is more about semantics than a shorter recovery. In other words, recovery may be in the eye of the beholder. For example, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® says on its website that breast augmentation recovery requires a “post-surgical recovery period of 24 to 48 hours and an additional reduced-activity period of a few days.”

It adds, “You will likely experience soreness and swelling for a few weeks.”

Well, it does say the recovery period can be as little as 24 hours. But “soreness and swelling” for a few weeks? That sounds like someone who’s still recovering.
But plastic surgeons offering 24-hour recovery breast augmentation, such as Toronto’s Dr. Mahmood Kara, say by reducing the bleeding and trauma during surgery, patients feel comfortable enough to actually go out to dinner the night following surgery.

One of techniques distinguishing traditional breast augmentation from one that promises a 24-hour recovery is the incision. Typically, a surgeon creates the pocket for the implant by cutting through muscle. But surgeons who offer a 24-hour recovery (and some who don’t) use a heat method called cauterization to dissolve through tissue without causing the same amount of trauma and risk of bleeding.

If you’re considering finding a plastic surgeon who offers accelerated recovery from breast augmentation, the most important consideration is to make sure you choose someone who is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Whatever cosmetic technique being discussed, a surgeon without the proper training and experience could put your safety at risk.

And the bottom line? If a rapid recovery after breast augmentation is important to you, research surgeons in your area who offer a 24-hour recovery protocol and ask detailed questions during your consultation before selecting a doctor.