Novel Procedures for a New Year

The plastic surgery innovations of 2017 are sure to surprise us—at least, if they’re like the trends of any other year. Who could have seen a Vampire Facelift coming? We try our hand at predicting what the trends of 2017 might be based on where everything is heading!

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Predicting the Trendline

One of the main areas of emphasis for Modern Plastic Surgeon is giving patients access to understandable explanations of surgical trends. That’s why we thought we’d offer a little refresher course—a quick look at some of the 2017 plastic surgery innovations that have already made their mark or that are expected to debut before the close of the year.

Broadly speaking, plastic surgery never really stands still. Surgeons are always trying to come up with the next big thing, in large part because patients are never quite shy about what they want. Lately, those “big things” have taken the form of minimally invasive or non surgical approaches to traditional aesthetic procedures. But that’s certainly not the limit of modern surgical innovations.

It’s always something of a gamble, trying to predict what’s going to trend in a new year. Lucky for you, we’re ready to take a chance.

A Big Trend: Less is More

One of the most noticeable trends of 2017 is one that encompasses nearly the entire field of plastic surgery. That’s a trend towards using less. Here’s what I mean by that. Several years ago, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a breast augmentation patient to want the largest possible implant—after all, that’s how you get the most bang for your buck?

But in 2017, most breast augmentation patients are opting for smaller, more natural looking breast implants. That makes sense—the smaller the implant, the more natural the results look. At least that’s the thinking. The trick with something like a breast augmentation is to go big enough that the patient gets a satisfactory result, but small enough that everyone still thinks it’s natural.

Less Fillers, Better Results

And that trend isn’t necessarily confined to breast augmentation and plastic surgery. It’s true of the use of fillers and injectables. When you’re doing research on Juvederm or Voluma, it’s easy to find instances where patients have been “over-filled” and get sub-optimal results. Likewise, it’s not difficult to find images of Botox patients who have lost some expression (temporarily) in the face.

These results have always been rare outliers. However, cosmetic surgeons are getting ever better at understanding the aging process, meaning it’s taking less and less volume to achieve desirable results. That means it won’t be uncommon to see patients achieving smoother, more wrinkle-free faces with the application fo less Juvederm or Voluma.

In other words, less is more.

The Trend of Fat

One of the other big trends that shaping plastic surgery in 2017 is that of fat. Now, getting rid of fat has always been a big part of plastic surgery—that’s why liposuction has always been so popular. What’s different these days is that plastic surgeons are now putting that fat to work.

This is accomplished via a fat graft procedure. Basically, that’s a fancy way of saying surgeons move fat from one area of the body to another. There are several fat graft procedures that are currently quite popular (and trendy):

  • Brazilian Butt Lift: To be sure, the Brazilian Butt Lift has been trendy for the past several years. In many ways, this procedure could be credited for popularizing fat graft techniques. During a BBL, fat is taken from an area where it’s undesirable (usually the belly) and put into the buttocks. This makes the rear end look larger, rounder, and more proportional for patients who might otherwise feel self-conscious about their backsides. Brazilian Butt Lift is a minimally invasive but highly effective way to get a natural-looking augmentation to your butt.
  • Fat Graft Breast Augmentation: While it doesn’t necessarily have a catchy nickname, as the Brazilian Butt Lift does, fat graft breast augmentation is quickly becoming one of the most popular breast enhancement procedures on the market. This procedure functions in a similar way as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Fat is removed, usually from the tummy area. Then the fat is purified and injected into the breasts. This is a permanent augmentation to the breasts, just as with other breast augmentation techniques. However, a fat graft procedure ensures that the end results will look, feel, and behave quite naturally.
  • Fat Graft Facelift: We all know about “injectables.” Sometimes the best injectable is your own fat. There’s no denying that when fat adds volume to the face, it tends to eliminate lines and wrinkles. Fat that comes from your own body is an excellent way to do this. When compared to Brazilian Butt Lift for fat graft breast augmentation procedures, much less fat is required for a facelift, which means the liposuction involved can be less intense (depending on how much fat you want removed). In either case, this is an excellent way to add some extra smoothness to your face.

I wouldn’t be shocked (even a little) to see fat graft procedures continuing to expand their popularity throughout 2017 and beyond.

The Injectables Trend

The last trend for 2017 we’ll talk about is, admittedly, not really a new trend. It’s something that was a trend in 2015 and 2016 and probably before that, too: Injectables. So, to be sure, injectables aren’t really anything new. They’ve been around for years now.

The trend, however, is this: they keep getting more popular. Botox, for example, had its best year ever in 2016 and will likely keep up that pace in 2017. Partly, that’s because Botox is a great way to get rid of wrinkles. But it’s also partly because surgeons keep discovering new uses for Botox.

Currently, Botox can:

  • Eliminate lines and wrinkles
  • Help treat TMJ
  • Help treat migraines
  • Help treat clinical depression
  • Prevent certain lines and wrinkles from forming

And that’s really just scratching the surface. In fact, last year saw the introduction of the brand new Kybella, an injectable that can actually eliminate fat from the jawline. Kybella is, in fact, the first injectable of its type that can actually remove volume. We won’t be at all surprised to see the popularity of Kybella increase as one of the trendy cosmetic surgery procedures of 2017.

In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll be seeing some novel injectables coming in the next year or two that are designed to do all sorts of things.

Keeping an Eye on 2017

If past years have been any indication, a lot is going to change during 2017 in the plastic surgery field. But plastic surgery has always been a field that has thrived on innovation, on finding novel uses for old techniques or new techniques to solve familiar problems.

That’s why we’re looking forward to what 2017 has in store. We can’t wait to see plastic surgeons build on the first half of the year. Okay, truth be told, many of these “innovations” have been in the works for years and years. It’s only when they’re truly ready that they’re unveiled to the public. But that doesn’t stop us from wondering what plastic surgery trends will take us in 2017.

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