Summary: Successful liposuction requires a steadfast commitment to preserving your results over the long-term. After all, the hard work you put into reaching your goal weight prior to surgery will be futile if you don’t devote yourself to maintaining a healthy weight over the course of your lifetime. The best way to guarantee that you get – and keep – your beautiful body contouring after liposuction is to prepare properly and then dedicate yourself to long-term weight maintenance.

Athletic woman's stomach

Prepare for Success

Cosmetic surgeons are quick to remind patients that lipo isn’t for weight loss. That’s why it’s important to reach a healthy, stable weight prior to your procedure. Doing so will minimize contouring irregularities and allow your surgeon to effectively target troublesome localized diet- and exercise-resistant fatty deposits. This is the best way to guarantee that your surgeon can sculpt beautiful contours, slim your appearance, and balance your proportions during liposuction.

Preserve Your Results

The fat cells that are removed during lipo are gone for good. It is impossible (and unhealthy) to eliminate all fat cells, however, and those that remain will still be subject to growth if you experience significant weight gain following your surgery. For this reason, it is vital that you stick with the number one secret for lasting lipo results: maintain a healthy weight by continuing your nutritious diet and regular exercise plan. Although liposuction is an amazing tool for body sculpting, taking care of yourself and your health is the real way to ensure beautiful body contours for life.